Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I'll admit to being an argumentative person. I only really do it in writing though since for a very long time I worked in an organization well known for its perfectly unreasonable stance on debating. That said, I can see the merits of this writer's case about the ACLU stance, but also wonder why not just take the money and do a perfectly awful job if they feel they can compel you to do it against your will?

If you come up to me and tell me that you want me to photograph your wedding and I tell you I don't want to but then you turn to the courts to force me to, well, OK. It's going to cost you everything you own upfront with no refunds. All sales final on delivery. I am absolutely certain that you won't like it.

I might even go to the expense of getting just exactly the right equipment for the job.
Wedding Photographer
It's like demanding that I sell you a parachute or a life raft or you'll sue me.

Bride's Mother and Family

Bride's maids


Buck said...

Sigh. New Mexico. Again.

HMS Defiant said...

What an odd state...Probably best observed from behind a cigar and after a few nips.