Wednesday, December 4, 2013


-->                                                                                     Camp near Glasgow, Kentucky -->
                                                                                                     November 1st 1862

Dear Parents

And Sisters I have received several letters from you but have had no opportunity to write to you as we have been marching all the time until today. We camped 5 miles north east of town last night and this morning we moved 2 miles south west of the town in a large field where the grass was quite long and dry and when it caught fire it was impossible to arrest its progress and the consequence was the tents of one company (Co. B) was burned but nothing else was injured by the fire in our Regiment.

You speak of the destruction of General Woods’es train but you have heard the true reports of it yet so I will  tell you what I know about the matter. A train of 90 wagons was loaded with clothing and provisions and about 150 men unarmed was taken 7 miles on the other side of Bard Town, Kentucky. The train belonged to this division but not the goods, but still I lost all I had when the train was taken for the man in whose care I left the things was coming threw to the Regiment with the train but when he was taken the things were taken from him. I will give you a list of the things I lost and the things I have left with me

List of the lost Property

1 Pair of boots

1 “         “pants

1 “        “drawers

1 “        “socks

3 shirts

1 satchel

1 blanket

1 overcoat

some postage stamps

1 Algebra

1 bottle of carmine fluid

1 fine tooth comb

List of things left

1 pair of pants

1 “    “ drawers

4 “    “ socks

1 pair of shoes

1 cap

1 coat

1 shirt

1 comb

1 needle case

9 Postage stamps

1 Blanket which is enough with those in the hospital

1 towel

 I received the things you sent to me by Albert Kerbst a few days ago. Our Hospital team has come up so that I am doing very well in the bed matter.
General Rosecrans has superseded General Buell now so that I suppose this grand army will be able to do something soon to put down this war which I think from appearances is fast coming to a close. If you send anything to me please let it be the following articles

           1 Gum overcoat

           1 Pair of Boots

           2 Woolen shirts

           2 Pair of Woolen Drawers

           2 “                        “ socks

           2 “                        “ gloves

           1 Bottle of Carmine Fluid

and then I think I will have be fixed for some time. If you wish you may send me a pen knife as I lost mine a while back. Dr Dryden (the Hospital Steward) and  Dr Goart send their respects to you. I will send you the Surgeons Morning Report I made this morning in this letter. I am as well as usual. Give my love to all and receive the same an I will remain your affectionate and reformed son and brother.

                                          Luther M Beaver

                                              Co I, 15thRegiment

                                                   Indiana Volunteers


Anne Bonney said...

Another wonderful letter, but those woolen drawers he is asking for don't sound so comfortable.

HMS Defiant said...

No they don't. I just wonder if the sergeants had to have duffle bag inspections on the troops and see if they had more than one set of drawers. Who knew we had so many commandos in the Army back in the Civil War?