Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I was reading at Coyote blog about the ASA decision to boycott Israel. He made an interesting observation I hadn't thought about before, "So these leftish academics have a need to criticize, but feel constrained to only strongly criticizing center-right or right regimes.  The problem is that most of these are gone.  Allende, the Shah, Franco, South Africa -- all gone or changed." I'd throw in Pinochet, Somoza, Papa Doc Duvalier, Noriega, and Thatcher. Life is just getting better and better everywhere!

Those poor leftist academic bast#rds have NOBODY to criticize dammit! They can no longer hate responsibly by hating America and as Coyote notes, all those right wing thugocracies have been swept away by the tide of history. They dare not criticize the muslim regimes for several very good reasons having to do with self-interest. Communists and Socialists are good tyrannies and it's pointless to criticize those losers atop the piles of anarchy that are the remainder of the world.

There really is only one place left on the planet that can be criticized safely. Damn the luck!

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