Thursday, December 26, 2013


The Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear meltdown was no accident. It was the cover and deception contingency plan developed to disguise an accidental release of radioactivity from Japan's Top Secret nuclear research and warhead production facility.
Regrettably, the immediate nature of the radiation leaking from the weapon manufacturing site necessitated premature use of Japan's scalar resonance weapon which was used to create the earthquake and tidal wave that "led" to the meltdown at Fukushima.

Japanese workers who bravely worked in the plants in a futile attempt to prevent the meltdown were unaware of the plan and the need for the reactor cores to melt down and contaminate a critical area of Japan and stretches of the Pacific Ocean.
Scientists are only now rationalizing earlier discoveries that showed a sizable increase in the number of neutrons floating in the Pacific. They have been linked by top scientists at the Climate Research Institute in Wallingford, NH, to Neutron Bombs!

DPRK cries foul and demands a recount!

I'll be around, just not around here much. We are taking a trip.


Buck said...

So who's making these unsubstantiated claims?

Have fun on your trip!

HMS Defiant said...

Ummm. That would be me.

Back when I was CHENG in the Persian Gulf I used to sit down for a drink and smoke with my Senior Chief every time we made port. He was always up on the latest rumors swirling about the ship and we enjoyed swapping info on the "penetration" of some of the better ones. After all, we started almost all of them. Still, nothing we did came close to matching what we used to read in the Khaleej Times.