Friday, December 20, 2013


Wouldn't you feel like a stupid chump if you obeyed the law and bought Obamacare insurance at full price last week or last month? Now, you realize that because it's only a law if the President says it's a law, you didn't have too?

Wouldn't you feel like an ignorant buffoon and sick joke if you were in the Health Insurance Business racket ponzi scheme and you supported Obamacare because you thought you were going to rake in money hand over fist from the unwilling chumps being forced into your pool?

Don't worry loser. There's a minimum of 75 million more of you next year when they toss the employer mandate losers into the same pool to sink or swim. You know, if they actually follow the law.

Elections have consequences.

For those with a socialist historical bent, a little history: The Light That Failed. We just did it to health care in America. Good job, Socialists!

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