Friday, December 27, 2013


I was reading a book recently which had the protagonist working as a hired assassin in Detroit. It was pretty interesting because the book didn't just discuss the killer's motives but his rationale for choosing the city he did for all his 'hits.' He figured that with the inept Metro Detroit Police working for the other team he had a less than one in ten chance of ever being caught if he kept his jobs within city limits.
He was used as a corporate 'hit' man who terminated employees for people that wanted to stifle a whistle blower or rescind a golden parachute to an executive who had come to the end of his time with the company...and life. The corporations would contact him and he would tell them to send the employee in question to Detroit for some conference or meeting and that he'd take it from there.

So, you know. If your company wants you to attend a quick conference in Detroit.... your position has been established.

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