Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The latest education scores are out and they results are very encouraging. Rather than completely recap them here, I invite your attention to iSteve's place where he covers the numbers in gracious depth from viewpoints unique and with startling conclusions. It's all good.

Asian Americans did about average for wealthy Northeast Asians, white Americans beat all traditionally white countries except Finland and Estonia, Latino Americans beat all Latin American countries, and African Americans likely would have beaten all majority black countries by a comfortable margin.
The fascinating bits are still in the undiscovered reasons for why Massachusetts and Connecticut stomped and kicked butt with average scores that beat strictly white student scores.

Frankly, I seldom hear good news about education in America and it does my soul good to hear it today.


Buck said...

Good news stories are far between these days. Like you say: it does a body good once in a while to read one.

Anne Bonney said...

I thought the story was interesting. Not sure what it means. I'm sure it does NOT mean that American education needs Federal intervention - that would just bring Massachusetts' scores down.