Thursday, December 5, 2013


One of the despicable on-air presences at MSNBC has decided to resign after he said some deeply hateful things about Governor Palin while broadcasting from the news drama hatred-on-parade TV show. He was the second low life on air talent to be let go from MSNBC in recent days.

I can accept that some people don't like other people based on absolutely nothing except their differing political views. I can't understand how the ones that let their mouths run away with the hate and venom they are consumed with can keep thinking they have a free pass to shout this vile hatred to the world on-air and wallow in filth and slime and negativity all the time.....unless they're used to getting away with it and that's the way they always talk about people who hold differing beliefs.

In other words, they're like people who still call other people racists progressives.

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