Saturday, August 3, 2013


Read it and weep.  The State has very few tasks that it must do and a million that it would rather do. In California they have decided to deny any responsibility for providing for public safety and instead have embarked on endless crusades to spend money on things that simply are not the purpose of any sane government.

They lost their last appeal and now must turn predators loose on the population because the State could not find the money to house prisoners in accordance with the law. Nope. The state budget has tripled in 23 years but while there are plenty of billions of $ for high speed rail from nowhere to nowhere else they couldn't find the $ to satisfy the minimum requirement to house prisoners.

I'm pretty sure that if I was mayor of any town in California and had to empty my jail to make room for more State prisoners, I'd put them all in a hired bus and drop them off in Sacramento and San Francisco.

San Francisco has always prided itself on its humanity.


Anne Bonney said...

I like your strategy. By helping the legislators (all of them) own the problems,as we read with the House staffers and health insurance this week, I think that it will sharpen their focus. Quickly.

Buck said...

I had an "early release" of sorts from CA back in 2002... and I voted with my feet.

HMS Defiant said...

I'd kind of like to read about Pelosi using her legal handgun to shoot some violent criminal that her state turned loose on the citizens and illegal aliens that live in San Francisco. She can join Carl Rowan. See,,20099349,00.html

I loved the entire story. A horrible American city banned citizens from owning guns and defending themselves and their property. A fanatic gun-control advocate used a gun that that city says is unlawful to shoot an intruder who didn't think there was anything wrong with helping himself to another man's property. And besides, those like Rowan believe that the State owns or should own everything so who is he to shoot in defense of state property or tell another that he cannot use state property? All these wonderful inconsistencies when one is a progressive and liberal.