Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We struck out seeing the Perseid Meteors. Clouds made mock of our vain attempt to see just a few, even one meteor in the night sky. Still, not going to give up looking. I did find a very interesting little thing tonight while rummaging around that will give breath to what I mentioned during our last foray in the dark hinterlands of MetroParkCentralis:

This astroviewer gives you a look at the International Space Station's real time ground track and provides a 10 day projection for when the ISS will be visible from your place on the planet when you enter your location on the map.

It can't always be cloudy.


Anne Bonney said...

This is very cool.

Buck said...

I struck out on the Perseids, too. We've had an incredibly wet summer, and that means clouds and lots of 'em. But we have memory of past summers and those were magnificent.