Sunday, August 4, 2013


I like this. Swiped directly from Maggie's Farm when they weren't looking.

 Perseids Meteor Shower August 12th. Be there.  Aloha! All the data is at: Universe Today


Buck said...

I just hope it's clear on the nights the Perseids put on their show.

I LIKE that Libertarian thing.

HMS Defiant said...

I would like to see them go by. The last celestial event we got to see was the Transit of Venus and the Super Moon.

I'm afraid that Libertarian thing is my kind of thing. I don't vote that way but it would be so nice to have government leave people alone. Honestly, why do I pay state agents to send armed teams of gunmen to an animal shelter to find a baby deer and shoot it for the safety that's in it?

Buck said...

I'm more Libertarian than anything else, too. I've only voted that way once in my life and felt guilty ever since... seein' as how Clinton beat Bush42.

My Bad.

Anne Bonney said...

I'll turn the fans skyward and blow the clouds away so that good viewing is assured!