Saturday, August 24, 2013


I worry sometimes that the good times are forgotten but it is not so. I have no fears about the bad times for there were never any of those between the two of us. She is slipping steadily into the age of reason but holding firmly to play which is a good thing. We do things together that would be the despair of her mother if either one of us was inclined to ever share with others what we do when we go off into the bright mornings when we two are together again. We only get these two weeks a year and the occasional holiday before she must return to Mordor and keep at bay the enemies of Just So and Enough.
 If only there was some way to smuggle a Palantir (iPod) into Mordor with her when she goes on alone to her other home among the nazgul so we could talk together anytime she wanted. I looked at disguises but we need to fool


Anne Bonney said...

Those brief times are treasures.

HMS Defiant said...

One day you'll see us sailing together and that picture I posted in CELEBRATION will have new meaning! Celebrate life every single day.