Friday, August 30, 2013


I've been traveling the land for the last 2 weeks and away from news of all kinds purely because that is my preference. It looks like this country will lash out at Syria soon with the merciless and pointless savagery we  have become infamous for indulging.

It's the indiscriminate killing that bothers me. Any country that does that is no better than the scumbags who leave car bombs in shopping districts in order to blow up innocents. We object to the senseless killing of Syrians so we should do some too?

I think only a tiny number of Americans have actually thoughtfully considered the chain of events unleashed when engaging in a tactical attack on civilian infrastructure in foreign countries but you can ponder the idea in this way. Take a few minutes during the day to sit and consider that your state capital has become a renegade menace to the USA and needs to be reduced by explosions to kill the leadership, destroy their means of controlling the population through broadcast news and radio, eliminate the electrical power to key/vital areas such as public transit, schools, hospitals and military bases. Isolate the capital from the surrounding region and Republican Guard by destroying bridges, rail terminals, airfields, hangars, TV and radio transmitters and stations. You have 500 missiles, each with a thousand pounds of high explosive. Use them as you like. There are no points for saving any or keeping any back. Draw up your list of targets and then fire.
2 girls sit on the steps at home
How many friends did you kill? Do you think it made a difference?

ODERINT DUM METUANT works for competent butchers of men. It does not have the same effect when incompetently butchering women and children for no reason.


Buck said...

I think only a tiny number of Americans have actually thoughtfully considered...

Agreed, with the key word being "thoughtfully." I don't think that word comes into play with the current administration.

HMS Defiant said...

I was called in one night to assist with a TLAM, ALCM attack on Iraq. After a couple of hours I walked out with a cup of coffee and looked up at the stars and actually gave thought to what it was that I was doing. Up to then it had just been an annoying sort of exercise I'd done many times before. This was the real thing and we all just did it by rote.