Wednesday, August 7, 2013


                                                 Camp near Stone River Tennessee
                                                                             Nov 22nd 1862
                                              Dear Sister
                                                              I received your letter of the 16th inst ult and was very glad to hear from you as I had not heard from you since the 18th ult. When I received an letter from all of you and answered it immediately as I am this one from you.
  We are camped out on the above named river 7 miles south of east of Nashville Tennessee where (from all appearances) we may stay 1 or 2 weeks at the furthest. The assembly has just been sounded I must go and see what it is for and then I will finish my letter. The assembly was sounded for dress parade but there was no orders.
   Yesterday there was great changes made in the Company. 1st Lieutenant McKinney was made captain, 2nd Lieutenant Davis was made 1st Lieutenant , 1st Sargent Seering was made 2nd Lieutenant, Sargent Burgess was made 1st Sargent and Joseph Miller was made Corporal. Several others were promoted but you was not acquainted with them. Joseph Macy was left at Louisville Kentucky sick. I have not heard of him since. John Macy who was left sick at  Huntsville Alabama has got back to the Company and looks very well and William Macy has been with the Regiment all the time and I believe has had good health. Jeremiah Darnell is in Nashville Tennessee and I have heard that he was well and doing duty in a hospital. R.J. Walton is here and well. John Davis is well and I believe the boys are all well both inCompany I of the 15th and in Company G of the 36th Indiana Volunteers.
   I received Ann’s letter and wrote a very poor one in return for I had no time to write and I have not much now for it is getting dark and we have no candles. The report of the skirmishing in General Woodses Division was very much exaggerated. We took 2 prisoners at Lebanon only. When you write to cousin L. Brown please tell her that I have written once to her father and twice to her and have never got one from her yet but am still looking for one.
   There is a company from Youngstown in the 26th Ohio which is in the Division. The captains name is Ross I think. I think it was the 1st Company out of the place. Benjamin Keelor has been reduced to ranks at his own request and has been detailed as clerk at headquarters which is a much better place than to be in the Company as Corporal but still it does not sound so well at home. I would not exchange the place I have for any Sargents place in the Company unless it is the 1st Sargent and I get as much pay as he does. Last week I had the praise of the having the neatest and most correct Report of any one in the Brigade. The above may not sound large to you but it is nothing more than so. Mr. Lalourette has not returned yet. If you wish to box up some things and send to us Liberty Boys you now can Express them to anyone in the Company  the care of Lieutenant Davis Company I of the 15th Indiana Volunteers or send them to us by any one coming to the following Regiments which are in this Corps
The 36th Indiana Volunteers Infantry
“ 51st                                  
100th          Illinois                 
97th           Ohio                      
86th          Indiana              
13th            Michigan              
1st            Kentucky               
I will soon have the place I spoke of I think. Tell no one of it yet. I am well. Write soon. I still am the same affectionate Brother
                                                                                   Luther Beaver


Anne Bonney said...

That sound like a lot of regiments. How many people do you suppose were actually there - where Luther was?

HMS Defiant said...

Approximately 41,000. This was the Army of the Ohio up until November of 1862 when it became XIV Corps, Army of the Cumberland which at the Battle of Stones River in the month following this letter had about 41,000 effectives. Luther was in the 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Left Wing, XIV Corps of the Army of the Cumberland. According to Wikipedia, of the major battles of the Civil War, Stones River had the highest percentage of casualties of both sides during the War.

Buck said...

Fascinating. Still. As is your added info, Curtis.