Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In a move that surprised few, the Navy announced that USS Miami was headed for the scrap yard given the $500,000,000 to repair the vessel isn't likely to be found in this austere budget climate. Miami was destroyed where all submarines are most vulnerable: in port. A lonely shipyard worker who didn't want to finish his shift decided to set a fire and leave during the confusion. It got out of control pretty quickly because the submarine's crew and shipyard personnel never gave one single second of thought to fighting a fire in a submarine in which they could not set fire and smoke isolation boundaries. Some of the details and pictures are here.

Vacuum eh?


Buck said...

Mr. Fury's sentence ain't NEAR long enough. I'd have the bastard shot, were I king.

virgil xenophon said...


HMS Defiant said...

The scary thing is just how vulnerable our ships are to fires in port. They were designed and built to be survivable from a staggering amount of damage but only if the crew was to fight the fires. Modern duty sections don't have enough men to man a single repair locker and could go up pretty quickly.