Monday, May 6, 2013


An amusing article from Forbes that quotes the maker as saying that now, "you can print a lethal device." Ha! Just publish a cartoon of Mohammed in a hat! That's a lethal device. That's a killing print.
I've got a library full of books.


Buck said...

I saw the 3-D printed gun in another article this past weekend. And, as to be expected, some lame NY legislator immediately proposed a bill banning 3-D printed guns. (sigh)

Anne Bonney said...

At least the books don't have to be registered - yet.

HMS Defiant said...

I hadn't considered that of course there would be a law against manufacture of undetectable handguns but then, it seems almost anybody can waft regular guns right by the TSA. I bought a .22 pistol a few years ago in California and then got a letter telling me that I had to return it to the manufacturer because it was sold to me with a threaded barrel that would allow a silencer to be screwed on. I returned it in the mail and got a new one. Funny. There was no nonsense about getting an FFL to ship it.
Anne, it's funny that the Anarchists Cookbook is supposedly some type of controlled publication even though it's available on the internet. It's usually trumpeted widely whenever some poor shnook gets detained if he had ever downloaded a copy of the book. But I can see the form that the proposed laws to end this deadly trade in homemade guns will indeed take the form of outlawing the sale, trade or dissemination of the drawing package (manual) that allows the neophyte to program a 3D printer to print a weapon. Of course the guys that would propose that also think they can keep people from making black powder, mealed powder, nitro, and meth. So, not a very good track record.