Tuesday, May 21, 2013


As strange as it may appear, McDonalds announces that they will drop the Angus burger from their menu. I'm sure that they'd like to think it is because they have such a large variety of much tastier and cheaper foods that are flying off the counters but I don't think so. Whatever little change they did several years ago that turned the BigMac from a tasty treat of a cheap burger into a foul tasting piece of offal they probably did to the Angus. I wouldn't know though. After finding one horrible BigMac after another was not a mistake but the new taste, I pretty much stopped sampling their food.

The other shoe they believe may have finally dropped is one that sounds an awful lot like, people can not afford to spend $5.00 on a hamburger anymore. That's not true of course. If I can't find one of these:

I'll have one of these instead.


Anne Bonney said...

OK - when?

Buck said...

Everyone goes on about In-N-Out burgers. I tried 'em when I lived in CA and found I much preferred Wendy's. I must be weird.

HMS Defiant said...

The Burgers are Crispy! Crispy! The fries are only so so but the burgers are delicious. That's the double double.