Friday, May 17, 2013


I realize that sometimes I take a few more pictures of the day than most people but I find some of them irresistibly amusing. I could write about the things that make me wonder how tight our grasp on civilization is and harsh the mellow or go for a walk instead.
Where I live now is a lot like Berkeley with a lot more trees. It is a college town and the citizenry are reliably against all the things that Berkeleyites are militantly opposed to: low income housing, school choice, guns, etc.
These pictures were off a pair of cars parked one behind the other in front of a very nice local bookstore I walked over to yesterday.
I'm not sure this person fully understands how evolution is reputed to work.

In the space in front of this blue car was another blue car
This owner is probably unaware that evolution happens. He should have parked behind the first car.
Sure, it's a billion years from now but we have to be proactive and think ahead in order to  keep the planet from melting.


Anne Bonney said...

I know,I worry about that all the time. I hope we'll be ready. I've gt a freezer full of food.

Buck said...

Where do I sign up to get my free Bradley Manning? Is there a minimum purchase of anything required?

I KNOW what you're on about... I lived in Berserkeley for a year just so I could say I did it. Well, that and Berkeley had the only apartment I could find at the height of the dot-bomb boom. I moved out to San Ramon after the crash.

HMS Defiant said...

I find the most wonderful stickers on cars just walking around. The Manning one was the one that caught my eye but then the juxtaposition of the rest of them on the two cars was priceless. I don't know where to get them.

While I was living in Berkeley the brave city counsel absolutely torpedoed the fair housing gang and killed dead any notion of building low-income housing in Berkeley. Keep it in Oakland they said.

I suppose the food will keep cool as long as the freezer is solar powered....:)