Friday, September 28, 2018


Obviously, the question was, can even the republicans screw up and fail to appoint Judge Kavanaugh and sadly, even with that arch fiend McCain safely dead and buried there remains Flakes who just cannot wrap their conscious mind around actually being republican, conservative, not a flaming flake.

Taken directly from Instapundit some words that struck me as powerful.
UPDATE (FROM GLENN): A journalist friend texts: “Most corrupt, discredited, politically tainted Democratic-leaning law enforcement agency in America to investigate Dems’ evidence-free sex assault claims. What could possibly go wrong?” 
Yes, the FBI hasn’t exactly covered itself with nonpartisan glory, has it? And merely assigning this investigation is an implicit statement that it botched the 6 prior background investigations it did on Kavanaugh. I think they should go ahead and vote — this is probably just a stall so that the Democrats’ Avenatti-types can gin up more bogus accusations. 
Plus, George Korda comments on Facebook: “If Republicans, with a Senate majority, fail to deliver an affirmative Supreme Court justice vote in the face of allegations without evidence, many in the Republican base will drop GOP incumbents like a molten rock. I suspect that is part of the Democratic political calculus concerning Kavanaugh.”
I suppose it's a good thing I didn't buy that used flamethrower at the Army Navy store in downtown San Diego or the Army Navy store in downtown Alameda. I would really like to take a flamethrower to those morons and scumbags.


capt fast said...

just be sure you gas up in AZ and make sure of your intended target

HMS Defiant said...

I can't remember now if there is a gas station at the Yuma Proving Grounds but I'm sure the gas is still cheaper in Yuma than anywhere in California.