Wednesday, September 5, 2018


UPDATE: Repaired the link

The usual crowds of sycophants and racist losers have been saying for the last day or so that a young lady seated behind the next Justice during his opening testimony, was making a white supremacy gesture during that circus and they claim that the All American A OK hand sign that has been in use for about oh, let's say 100 years now, is some sort of white supremacy "secret sign".  Screw them

I'll have to get one up on my blog sometime soon just so I don't stand out from other patriotic Americans who aren't going to let a bunch of pussies, bigots, racists and scum force us to ditch a symbol in use for over a century where it has had just one meaning. "Good Job" or as we in the Navy would say, Bravo Zulu.

Good Lord can't you see the dimwits going utterly batshit crazy if they knew that the best praise one can earn short of a medal is a BZ from the boss and in this Navy we pronounce that phonetically when we use it audibly and it sounds just like "Bravo Zulu." Did you hear that? He said, Zulu. Racist!!!!!!!!

I did get a kick out of the dimwits missing the irony of a movie on symbology that came out in theaters last year, which, come to think of it, I doubt any of them ever saw. A lot of real people saw it and we enjoyed it so much we watched it twice.


Anonymous said...

It might be good. But who knows? It is out of holly wood where nothing is respected.

HMS Defiant said...

No no, Hollywood still has tremendous respect and admiration for Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and whoever it is at the center of #metoo movement. Otoh, I still enjoy Mel Gibson's movies.