Monday, September 17, 2018


There is a sure-fire way to reduce crime and even gun violence and it won't violate any body's Constitutional rights and will still be 100 times more effective than Chicago's stupid bans on gun ownership. What is it you wonder? How can you cut crime like that without violence to the Bill of Rights? Simple.

Ban the sale, ownership and wear of any hoodie anywhere by anybody at anytime. You could even make it a new sport for hunters. See a hoodie, open fire on it. Don't stop shooting until it stops moving. One would have to police up the brass and track down any wounded hoodie wearer who doesn't drop dead on the spot. That's just good field craft and you don't want to leave some wounded thug out there to suffer a long lingering death in a snow bank or alley.

If That's How You Want It

Self Defense Measures in Effect

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