Saturday, September 22, 2018


That they disport themselves in glee and intemperance as they await the sure and certain smiting of the one nominated by the Trump is apparent to even the most casual viewer and yet I wonder how they can be so dismissive of a man with a record unblemished for all of his life until this moment when on the cusp of appointment to the highest office in the land he is laid low by some foul orc from Palo Alto who practises every form of witchcraft and debauchery known to such low fiends from hell and who is, on the face of it, a fabulist of the worst sort.

That sentence was for you Buck. I think it beats my old record by quite a few words.

I  honestly don't understand the democrats of my acquaintance, friends of mine, who cannot contain their glee at the destruction of a man by a simple and single accusation from the remote past launched by a die-hard enemy of the right and the good and who holds integrity so lightly that they will cast it from them like a red hot shot rather than abide the touch of truth. You ever wonder how the whole Salem Witch Trials came about back in the Dark Ages? Wonder no more. You get to watch a full 42% of America wrap itself around self-righteous unctuous bile and lick it for the flavor that's in it because they hate Trump so much they would willingly wield the knife that sacrificed their own first born if they could by that slash terminate a good man appointed by a man they hate and loath beyond all the bounds of reason.


Anonymous said...

A good post, as usual, Captain, but I'll register one complaint, if I may: the Dark Ages are generally considered to have ended some centuries before the 17th, the time of Salem's infamy. Dark times, indeed, but not what is usually meant by "Dark Ages". Aside from that, Bravo Zulu!
--Tennessee Budd

HMS Defiant said...

You're right of course. I just like to use a little bit of hyperbole and there's no getting around that those were very dark times indeed with girls and young women deciding who lived and died by their accusations alone. I can't think of those times without thinking of the Things got out of hand overnight and the State did every single thing wrong and ruined the lives of a number of people over fantasies that were mostly in the heads of the people advocating that the children, 360 of them, had been sexually abused. That's what we've got going now with the vicious attack on a good man with an unblemished record.