Monday, September 24, 2018


One city does the right thing and fires a murderous cop.

White Dallas cop is fired two weeks after shooting dead her black neighbor in his apartment
Amber Guyger was fired by Dallas Police Department on Monday morning 
The force said it was due to 'adverse conduct' which was her killing neighbor Botham Jean on September 6  
Guyger was arrested three days after the shooting at the apartment block where both she and Jean lived  
Her claim that she found his door ajar and him inside has come under scrutiny
She alleges it was an accident and that she thought his apartment was her own
Neighbors say they heard her knocking on the door, shouting 'let me in' and 'exchanging words' with Jean before he was shot  
She was charged with manslaughter and is awaiting her next court date
Srsly, you really have to fire police that do this sort of thing and you need to send them to jail when they murder innocent unarmed people. They all wear bullet proof vests and carry sidearms. For them to claim the protection of innocence after standing over the bodies of the people they shot to death is unacceptable. Mistaken murders are simply not an option.


capt fast said...

Many people find Heaven to be an Imagined place of peace and beauty. I can give you a map reference for Hell: 42.3314N-83.0458W

HMS Defiant said...

When my parents used to live in Selfridge I had to drive through the city many times on visits and even go downtown and this was back when the city was still just barely hanging on in 1980. I haven't been downtown there is ages but it tells when the city Chief of Police tells people driving his city's roads at night to never stop at a red light unless they want to get car jacked driving in downtown. Here in metroparkcentralis we can still safely drive down the major thoroughfares of our fair city and go to shows in the theater district with a reasonable chance of making it home alive and in possession of all the things we took downtown.

Anonymous said...

Must be wonderful to have such complete insight and all encompassing knowledge of the truth. Wonder how it feels to be so godlike?

HMS Defiant said...

Oh those who know have voted with their feet. It was a real trip to meet last night a visitor from Berkeley who is still there. He and his significant other are lawyers and in the new police state there is always room for lawyers. As I recall, he works for ARCO and she is lawyer for the EPA in SF. It might be that i've reversed their roles but still, only in SF. A good living from oil and an equally good one from opposing oil.