Thursday, September 27, 2018


Still watching the Kavanaugh auto de fe. He mentioned his calenders and I looked over to where mine were back when I kept track of time. They started in 1983 so I can see that that time was meaningful and that maybe some would be lost if only in time. Oddly enough they were an aide memoire for me and only me. They cover about 13 years. The first five were the most intense and those are the 3 books on the left. After that, inspite of marriage and a wonderful daughter, time slowed down a lot and took up way less than a book. One might argue I was busier then with little time to write.
books I have written

The boxes are the medals I have. The ones on top are my grandfather's, the cigar boxes are mine.

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HMS Defiant said...

That red box below the medals....that's the box a PPK comes in when you buy it in 1959. Sweet box, unfortunately, that one just has ammo in it. I suspect that the ppk will come my way in time. It's OK, I can wait forever.