Thursday, September 27, 2018


The only way you can clear your name is an investigation. The FBI needs to get involved and somehow make allegations from 36 years ago bear your name you racist misogynist biggot.

I so love npr on pbs which joins the rest of the shit media that I won't watch.  I still listen to the npr radio which is very much like Art Bell, and One can just drive and listen to toxic non reality and laugh out loud because, you know. You actually know. See the guidelines of the blog. To see and too know are kind of written in there I own or have access to 6300 hundred books on history and people doing the evil to other people.

Did I mention that Jeraldo Rivera moved into my neighborhood in metroparkcentralis?


Anonymous said...

You know Sen. Feinstein molested me as a child in a public restroom and stole my dummy? I know it was her because Sen. Schumer was assulting a little boy in the next toilet stall.

HMS Defiant said...

exactly! in 1596 when I wasn't even alive Senator Feinstein molested me in a bathroom and she licked places I wouldn't touch for another 400 years.