Wednesday, September 12, 2018


As one might expect, the board members appointed by Jerry Brown have flushed the Crossroad of the West gun show down the toilet of political expeidiency and hatred for the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights. They voted 8-1 to cancel all future gun shows starting in 2019 because of the danger that is the sale or even the presences of guns and ammunition. Oddly, there was no talk at all of banning rap concerts on state lands and those seem to be the source of most of the shootings at the Del Mar fairgrounds.

I suspect that the gunshows will fight back in the courts and in the greater sphere of public discourse. I suspect they got blindsided at the last meeting of the 22nd Dept of Agriculture. This is obviously going to call for more debate. After all, where all those murderous democrats going to get the firearms they profess to need in order to shoot Republican law makers and republican supporters?  I think we'll have to see if this is settled or not.
The board that oversees activities at the state-owned venue voted 8-1 Tuesday to suspend the shows after Dec. 31 until a policy is developed that could include a complete ban on the possession of any firearms or ammunition.
Imagine that, a gunshow with neither guns nor ammunition. Only in California.


capt fast said...

i have a suggestion. lets declare war on Mexico and unleash the most deadly weapon ever found in the history of our country:send all the politicians and bureaucrats active or retired in the state of california to mexico. such would be the abject horror of the mexican people at the thought that even one of these vermin would take root there that the mexican people would slaughter them all out of hand. rather than allowing their somewhat corrupt republic being turned into another califonicated state, they surely would react so.

HMS Defiant said...

It is always amazing to me that the socialists, to a man, can visit places like Mexico, Venezuela, Grenada, Cuba, Vietnam, etc and return bursting with enthusiasm for the rulers of those places and lament that they can't pull off something like that here in America. With California they got their chance and they pulled for it really hard. It's hard to believe that California was republican once and elected Reagan as governor and Pete Wilson and even Arnold who proved to be a bitter disappointment and actually ending up spending more than Gray Davis. I did like his little fairies speech during his first State of the State. I listened on the radio as I drove home one day from NOLF Imperial Beach. It was a 50 mile commute up 5 which could be done in about 40 minutes. The good old days.