Saturday, December 12, 2015


It seems that everywhere we turn today the elites are champions of other nation's downtrodden poor and illiterate masses and really keen to have them come settle here in the United States or the Socialist Not Quite Working Workers European Paradise (EU for short). Not one in ten of us would have thought that their destruction of the American education system was just part and parcel of making all those illiterates competitive in the Western job market by gutting our public schools.

You can see here that somebody claims that some German Professor has found that 65% of the Syrian migrants settling in the West are illiterate. Well, let them come a little further west and they will find they are well matched by the prepared students of places like New Jersey. The link is to the PBS Newshour show this week that discussed the latest dismal results of educating New Jersey students in the Common Core of Ignorance, Error and Deceit.

Results of Common Core Testing in New Jersey This Week
The results shown don't show the whole measure of failure in New Jersey where 46% of students are literate in English and just 34% can perform arithmetic. Nope. There's more!
New Jersey Is Ranked 3rd Best Schools System
You know how socialists always bleat about the necessity to end the last war with the last bullet and have the man who fired it die of an aneurism so they can be spared the cost of veteran health care? In schools, they see no solution whatsoever but spending more and more money per pupil on something that frankly, doesn't cost all that much. The elementary school across the street from me was built in 1918. It looks pretty good and it gets an 8 out 10 from the Primal School bean counters. The middle school at the end of the same block also scores 8 out 10 on the same Primal scale. The high school across the street is turning out outstanding graduates and has an overall 5 star review.

The schools are all about 100 years old so it's not the fabric that costs that much money. This town isn't like LA Unified Schools who built a billion dollar high school campus. No no. Here the only real money is for busses and for teachers and they don't pay the teachers exorbitant salaries.

School Across the Street
Inside the School Across the Street

The Door I left through

Middle School at the End of the Street

Middle School with Dome Out For Repairs

The High School Across the Street beyond the Fields

Corner Stone of the School Across the Street

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