Thursday, December 31, 2015


One can learn a lot from reading. In the old days one had to have money to buy books or access to a nearby library that had books worth your time. We are fortunate in that some very wise and smart people spent some amount of the fire in which we all burn to compile and publish some fascinating books. If only they had been around back when I was an ignorant nipper. The giant brains that I have the most respect for are those who put together the Harvard Classics and Will and Ariel Durant.

The aim of the Harvard Classics was to impart a liberal education. “Liberal education accomplishes two objects. It produces a liberal frame of mind, and it makes the studious and reflective recipient acquainted with the stream of the world’s thought and feeling, and with the infinitely varied products of the human imagination."

Sadly, the stream of the world's thought these days is pretty much entirely filled with scupper trout. This doesn't mean that we cannot benefit from a bit of reading. As Dr. Eliot said, just 15 minutes a day reading the immortals will enrich and benefit the crap right out of you.
This great company of the wisest, the wittiest, the most interesting minds of all ages and every land will afford you entertainment in endless variety, inspiration and stimulation of mind. They will carry you forward upon that road to the high goal toward which all of us are making our way. It is then to the countless hours in which you will walk in step with these great thinkers of all time that this book is dedicated.

  The Harvard Classics are “all things to all men.” They are universal in their appeal and universal in their power to bestow pleasure, self satisfaction and the joy of mental growth to each man, woman and child with impartiality and in infinite variety.
You can get the Harvard Classics right here at this link. They're free to all. They are there in many different formats for whatever device it is that you use to bring you the e-written word. The 15 minutes part is called The Reading Guide so don't forget it. The books at the first link look like this.
Just 15 minutes a day and you can amaze your friends, parents and teachers! Dr. Eliot provided a handy guide so you'll know just what to read and best of all, it starts on 1 January! Get your download and start reading!

New Year's Resolution
#2 Read more and better books

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