Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It was bad enough that Russia is blazing away at islamic jihad targets in Syria using land attack missiles fired from small warships in the landlocked Caspian Sea a thousand kilometers away. Now we find that they're shooting the same missiles off diesel-electric submarines in the Mediterranean. We still haven't put any missiles on the Littoral Combat Ship and even when it does 'get some' they'll be short range anti-tank missiles retrofitted to be fired by the 3200 ton "small" USN combatant. Way to go NAVSEA! You RULE!

I'm waiting for the NAVSEA counterparts at NAVAIR to field an aircraft that can't fire long range missiles developed almost a generation ago or drop bombs on moving targets on a dynamic battlefield without laser range finding assistance from groundside tactical air controllers or even shoot up targets with an internal gun. I'm sure NAVAIR will never be a party to a sick joke like the LCS.

I usually felt some pity for the officers detailed to Pathostan but no more! Those Pentagon types have got to at least pretend that they are responsible for fielding systems capable of surviving on modern battlefields today and in the near future and lately, they have been absent without leave or leading the charge into pointless, useless, crushingly expensive weapon systems and platforms.


virgil xenophon said...

Amen! Preach it Brother!

HMS Defiant said...

Just got back from a short visit there. Things only get worse in Pathostan.