Friday, December 11, 2015


The media are in full throat about the outrageous and racist nationalist ideas expressed by candidate Trump. They figure those ideas are poisonous to Trump's campaign because racism. The seem to forget that Adolph was elected Chancellor of Germany. Democratically even and nobody contested the outcome the way algore tried in theUnited States.

Ah well, it's no use wondering about their ignorance, the only thing they studied in school was talking thoughtlessly on subjects they know nothing about.

UPDATE: If one is stupid enough, bigoted enough, racist enough, everything is rassisssst! “It is racist to call American citizens refugees,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, visiting the Houston Astrodome on Monday.

The day is coming when only about 12% of the American population will care what a racist bigot like Sharpton Jackson has to say about anything. Those guys are about as credible as phrenologists or palm readers.

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