Wednesday, December 30, 2015


First of the New Year Resolutions.

I'm looking for some upbeat news from the year and I am not finding anything at all. As I wrote those words the phone rang. It was a woman calling from someplace in India and she told me that there were a lot of reports of computer errors. She asked me to please turn on my computer. I asked her if she got many people that stupid. She hung up. That hang up is the echo of the call that we received 5 minutes earlier from CBE asking to speak to somebody who doesn't and never has lived at this number. I hung up on them.

It may not make the next year any better but it would be sweet if the phone stopped ringing.

Typical of the vicious idiots that call
New Years Resolution 
#1 Disconnect the landline.


OldAFSarge said...

Oh yes, we feel your pain. (Why, oh why, do I have a landline?)

HMS Defiant said...

In order to grow we must accept change and frankly, nobody I know calls me on the landline, they use my cell. Well, OK, one person calls but there is training for that!

Captain Steve said...

In the event of power loss, your landline (assuming it is directly connected and not a wireless handset) will work. Cell phones will usually not--at least for long--because the towers lose power. Also, 911 location is superior over a land line. We therefore maintain one---but do not use it except for purely local calls.

NavyDavy said...

Love my land line. If I don't recognize the "caller ID" it goes to record. No worries about signal strength/battery charge. If we loose electric I plug in my rotary dial phone. The emergency TracFone stays in the truck off. Dinosaur syndrome works for me.