Sunday, August 30, 2020


When I was 10 I read Exodus by Leon Uris. I've never read any of his other books. At the age of ten it generated a world view I found productive. Every single one of the screaming raging fanatics since then have their place neatly catalogued in my mind.

I would like to write that antifa and blm have their hate filled bs from a book but I don't know what book. If it exists? I won't be reading it. 

I'm gonna go with the pizza conspiracy guys and say that we have an enemy out there who is determined to bring down western civilization.

It won't work since there is a solid cadre of places it simply won't work but there might be an interregnum here. If so I find that OK with me. What none of the ones bringing down an interregnum realize is that they will be the first against the wall. 

It's a sad thing when you realize that the dark will rise and you really can't do anything to stop it. Historically, in the West, it has always failed but the dark has truly prevailed in muslim countries. They don't tolerate dissent.

When you finally know what islam is you start to begin to know. It kept almost half the world in a dark that will never see the light. There are the 5 pillars and the rest is banished. It is impossible to make a civilized world if one banishes those that wonder.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the middle kingdom because they do their best to banish learning but they are enormous and hold vast sway over the most productive part of the world. The engine of their economy is the impetus of many economies near them. They also send their brightest into the West to learn at our universities.

We will see.

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