Friday, August 7, 2020


I keep reading these stories and in every case the judge involved gave absolutely no consideration to the victims of the people they let out of jail to be spared an incidental chance of getting wuhan flu. Letting the criminals out so they can prey on the victims of their crimes should really start first with killing the judge. It seems that's the only way to justice.

Released from jail at height of pandemic, Virginia rape suspect allegedly killed his accuser

Ibrahim Bouaichi then shot himself as police closed in Wednesday, leaving him in critical condition

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capt fast said...

my opinion which means nothing, this ass needs gender assignment surgery to assist his psychological recovery from the suicide attempt. put him in prison for a few years as a prison plaything and then give him the needle.
I have a friend whose son was raped years ago. the perp was convicted but escaped custody while transporting to OK jail. the criminal was so despondent, he suicided by chaining himself to a steam heat register in an abandoned farm house in central OK and burned the place down on himself. a shame he didn't survive the attempt as the boys in jail heard he was on the way. much regret was expressed by the deputies guarding the prisoner.
If you get the idea that I don't care for rapists, you may be on to something.