Wednesday, August 19, 2020


How did I reach this ripe old age and never hear of Leanard Cohen? Well I've heard of him now. God, isn't it nice to pay no mind at all to the pronouns of people who don't have a clue if they are boys or girls....Yes it is.

One of the girls I sailed with at Penn State was a Marianne. My oldest friend's wife is named Marianne. Other than that they were scarce. Still, I know a girl whose secret name is Sabrina just because her dad liked it and those idiots brought the paperwork into the hospital room when whossname was sleeping it off and I somebody got to choose a middle name all by himself. We wrangled endlessly about Scooter's name but somehow never took it to the next, which is to say, the middle name.

You ever wonder that you seldom meet girls whose middle name is 'Shotgun?'

Ah well, most men know that they must sleep and all kinds of horrible things can happen in the dark. Restraint would be our middle name but we just agreed that some limits should be observed.

I'm probably the last generation of those that had parents prepped to name the newborn with a full set of boy names and girl names. 1961 was kind of the last gasp of mystery. Nowadays, we know way up ahead of time. We were working on Scooter's names after the first ultrasound and there was no doubt about which book we should reference since she was clearly going to be a little girl.


  1. My sister Marianne went to Wharton Business school. Is that part of Penn State? Born in '62, IIRC. Her and hubby have had a few boats over the years.

    1. I think that's at Penn in Philly. Totally different school and while I went to school at State College at least we could wake up in the morning and say, 'hey!, it's not Philly.' OTOH, I'm finding that i quite like Pittsburgh.

  2. dated a middle aged lady who told me her middle name was "Ruger". great dinner date.

  3. Well, I got shotgun. She's all around nice.

  4. My favorite story heroine is America. She and her brothers show up in Neal Stephensens best book. It is a little cryptic.

  5. Oh come on, work with me, Cryptonomicon....cryptic. :)

  6. Was there a year of the Badger? The chinese have these years and this city is littered with the remnant statues. I just don't recall a badger.

    And we haven't really sailed their waters since we had ships based in Nanking.

    September 1, 2020 at 12:58 PM