Wednesday, August 26, 2020


We used to have them.


Coffee Man said...

Friend of mine was in Beruit before the bombing of the barracks in 1983. He said the militias would be raising all sorts of hell out there. Then one of the battleships would show up and "clear its throat" a few times. Instant quiet. It would leave and slowly the militias would start back up. A gnsot here and there and within a couple of days right back at it. But...what was lurking just out of sight over the horizon? Yep....big guns!! Clear its throat again a.d peace in the valley!!!

Anonymous said...

We still do (although I worry about those intelligent enough to evaluate the modern Navy's capabilities, given our recent history in shiphandling, safety, and repelling boarders).
When the Forrestal, CV 59, hit Haifa in '91, even I, sitting on the beach with a drink, was impressed by the sight of her just offshore. I lived there, it was my home, & even a 26-year-old sailor thought about what it must look like to have nearly the capability of your entire country's air force just out there--like Shepherd Book's hair, waiting. Lurking with malevolent intent.
--Tennessee Budd

HMS Defiant said...

Oh I wish there had been another season or 8 of Firefly.

We have princess ships now. slim in the hips, light on the guns, hidden missiles no ASW to speak of and I'm afraid our sailors aren't us or our dads or grandfathers.

Wait a minute, do I look 60?

I used to own a book by Dan Gallery and it was the Pueblo Affair. It was an old book when I bought it 30 years ago. It's possible we get a little cynical as we age.

I couldn't possibly comment.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The Big Badger Boat comes to mind.

HMS Defiant said...

Weren't they beautiful ships? They could sit off the coast but in sight and it was an expression of dire intent. The newer ships have far more firepower and can sit almost a continent away and yet, that carries no intent. Those things looked just exactly precisely like what they were. When I used to yawn at the losers who advocated sending warships to send a message perhaps they had something like this in mind. I grew into one who thought if you're in the business of sending a message? include a huge amount of TNT in it. Get their attention. It is, after all, how we dealt with Libya.