Saturday, August 29, 2020


I'm currently coping with a vision problem. I've had them since forever but only learned that I had a real problem when I was busted in Algebra class by the teacher convinced that I was mocking her. It was a different time and Alabama but I was sent to the principal's office and my mother was summoned to take me away. Duckface Davis was convinced I was making sport of her by using the tricks I'd learned to be able to actually see what was written on the chalkboard behind her. At any rate, I just saw this online and thought it was a marvelous bit of idiocy.

Who exactly would combine the use of inches and centimeters and not think it is stupid? Pick one or the other and be done with it.


FeralFerret said...

What image? Only shows the words above.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm not sure I believe any of the images. Sometimes the internet is nothing but a snake path of false and misleading information.

DOuglas2 said...

The text with the image are available here, amongst I suspect many places online:

I'm amused by the "approximately 74 centimeters" line.

I'm also amused that the Brits, where distance is measured in miles but fuel is dispensed in liters, always do a conversion when speaking of fuel economy, and will never mix units to speak of miles-per-liter. (MPG or L/100km, always, and with proper imperial gallons not the puny American ones).

A "17 inch screen" is usually either 13.6 or 14.4 inches wide depending upon whether it is 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. A silly way to describe the size, but in common use worldwide, even where metric is more familiar.