Monday, August 17, 2020


The powers that were elected and enthroned in the cities have all ceded their cities to the mobs. The mobs are small and any decent police force worthy of the name could have ended the riots in 2 days but the citizens elected squishes of the left and so ceded their cities to the mob. The mob can have them.

Bonaparte knew how to deal with the mob. He knew he could use cannons on them and the citizens left would care nothing for those blown apart on the ramparts just as nobody cares if every single member of anti-fa or blm was blown to bits by cannon. Sadly, there are few kings left anymore, no more Terror, and no more of the great midwesterners who really give a damn if any or all of the cities fall into ruin.

Most of the cities that were once great in America are but pale shadows of what they once were and now we'll add to that list that includes Detroit and Cleveland, the named polities of San Francisco and New York. All the civilized cities in New Jersey vanished decades ago. I was there for that bit.

It's interesting that there are no great cities of the south and never have been. The great ones got their impetus during the industrial revolution. It never really happened anywhere in the south. Still hasn't and now it never will. The next generation grew out of little places nobody ever heard of in places like Redmond and Stanford or Palo Alto and skipped over the rest of the country before skipping the country altogether and going to China.

As Tech grew it outpaced the available pre-industrial, industrial labour in the formerly great cities and headed west until it reached Silicon Valley and there it stopped briefly before jumping far to the west and landing in China and Vietnam. It leapt lightly over America's western outposts in the Hawaiian Islands, Marianas and on to Japan and then Korea and Indonesia before settling ultimately in China.

All of the large cities in America are bankrupt now due to their handling of the Wuhan Flu. None will ever get well. They're all bound down the same path followed by Detroit, Cleveland, Memphis, St. Louis and Minneapolis.  Few of the 'connected' generation will miss their fall. I certainly never noticed any lack by no longer going to NYC or San Francisco after I left them in my wake. What I wanted was largely found in Marin or Sanoma after Borders collapsed. Baghdad By The Bay was always just a couple miles away but most of what I wanted was in Emeryville or Berkeley or TI and I didn't need to go to San Francisco all that much and most of my time there was in the Golden Gate or Presidio. Old places, not much brushed with the feathers of hatred spawned by the likes of Feinstein or Willi Brown much less Newsom.

The ones that want now to live in the brownfields of former manufacturing glory are welcome to them. I suspect that Federal aid to places like that will be drying up soon. 99% of the aid was lost to public corruption and most of us don't care anymore. Love Canal was long ago and a wakeup call for those who are truly 'woke'. These days, those who remain in the cities kind of remind me of those who stayed in Jonestown. A word of advice guys, don't drink the cool-aid.


capt fast said...

speaking of Minneapolis, did the Mall of the Americas get protested by those peaceful protesters over the last few weeks? one would think any place as racist as the Mall of the Americas would get a full measure of peaceful protesting. It's such a target rich environment.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm sure it's a dynamic and vibrant environment which is one of the many reasons I wouldn't be caught dead there. It won't survive the newest plague. Funny how they all seem to originate in that one continent.

HMS Defiant said...

one has to wonder, security guard at mall of america, carrying a baseball bat and you get to give in to the yearn to swing it at people when they do their swarm thing. You'll go down swinging but that's when you pull the .357 out and open fire. I never used speed loaders because I never really shot revolvers but I imagine they work or the police wouldn't use them.