Saturday, August 8, 2020


I found the iPod of music tonight. The instant recall of memories were like a tidal wave.  In the long commute I drove from San Jose to San Diego in the deepest dark. Right around Camp Pendleton the dark was strong and was calling. At that point I slipped the Boys on Side into the CD player and safely made it another 35 miles to Encinitas. Found that tonight on the old iPod.

I didn't drag much out of the dark but it is nice to hear the music again. None of my CDs made it over the Ginnungagap. Oddly enough, none of the music carries loss from that time when I was 40. I find myself missing the ones from when I was 16. I must be getting old.


  1. Gimme a fer instance. Gots some old CDs I'd be willing to send. Hell, I can copy my iPod to a stick. Got some Dr Demento rips...

    1. ah, you'd laugh, til tuesday, moody blues, genesis, rolling stones, but, I found the iPod of despair so I has the music again. It's a very very old iPod so it is full. It's not like one of those machines that kids carry that can hold full movies. Nope. It puts me in mind of walking through the snow from the BOQ in Newport out the back gate to mama leones when the power that was declared a snow day and told all of us living on the base to just go starve ourselves or walk over the bridge however far that was in order to get a bite to eat. I really didn't like wintering over in/on Newport Navy Base. They didn't much like me either.