Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Somewhere within about 20 feet of me is the hard copy of what Lex wrote and that Brig was kind enough to send me. I had thought I kept it on the shelf alongside the book, With the Failaka Field Force. I found the one but not the other. It is late and I don't need to read the latter book. As far as I know there were only 2 copies ever made and I very much doubt the other one is still in existence and having written it, I'm familiar with the story. But I was looking for Lex's writing because there was a nugget of wisdom I was keen to see again as it grows into the darkest of late night because it was recalled to mind by what I was reading.

Try to imagine reading 10,000 books, having 20,000 books and thinking, 'oh, I'll just look at that again.

With the Field Force stands out in its binder with the maps and charts sticking up out of it. The other book conformed to the demands of bookshelves and it's on one.

Every single room in this house has at least one bookshelf. There are more on stair landings.

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