Tuesday, September 22, 2020


We drove over to the neighborhood on the other side of the tracks and it was still an eye opening experience. The houses were no different from the ones on our side of the tracks but they had a generation or two of neglect. Unpainted, sagging porches, boarded up ruins and yet these were the same house types found a few streets over in perfect condition. We were bound for the house in perfect condition and I mean perfect condition.  It had been occupied by a genteel woman and her mother in the unit above. Pristine. We were there to pick up some material that her children didn't want or need. We don't want or need it either but it filled up an SUV and we took it home. We'll figure out what to do with it and send it along to someone who really wants it.

On the way we passed through the blight. We once stopped in the blight and I was instructed about the Hough Bakery, home to the Hough riots long ago and while we were stopped there at the curb a black man came out of the house we stopped in front of and urged us to move on. A man came out of his house to warn us that it was too dangerous for two people like us to pause in his neighborhood where her father used to work long ago. 

Everything is now a sere and bloody hate and the ones on the alleged losing end are promoting it just as fast and nastily as they can. NOTHING done in the last couple of years was done in the name of alleviating racial unrest. It all seems to promote racial unrest. There is nobody decocking the triggers and urging real and shared understanding. No. It is all about race, race, race, race. 

I watched the video of two cops shot in LA by a miserable little shit . What can I say? There are forces and players at work seeking to make a war out of race during this election year. It is likely time to turn their animus against them and end them. There are some really evil people out there fomenting this hatred and we'd all be better off without them.


The Old Man said...

I was on the East side installing a car wash with my dad the night the Hough riots started. Wouldn't go back there now at night in less than platoon strength.
And I'd be cryin' for arty and CAS.

HMS Defiant said...

We went down to the 55th street pier marina to see the Comet a month ago. The car battery died and we were trapped there for about an hour at 2200. The area filled completely with people out to fish and firework and I mean it was jammed. Tow truck showed up from triple A and gave us a jump start.
It was interesting to be the only 2 white people in a cast of thousands but pleasant for all of that. IT was people enjoying themselves on a summer eve.
As you say, Hough is different. Wouldn't want to be there after dark or at midday on foot.