Friday, September 25, 2020


 The only difference between a home invasion and the cops with no knock home invasions is that the cops wear bullet proof vests. In either event, go for head shots.

Yeah, I watched that video of a woman in a stadium arrested and cuffed after a long struggle by a cop simply because she wasn't wearing a mask in light density arena.

Some of them do a difficult job well enough. The rest are indistinguishable from the SS.

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capt fast said...

I would like to argue you out of attempting the head shot. It is difficult to make in a stressed condition. lower GI below the vest. bigger target, better dynamics and hydraulic shock.
if your in a big city, the ingress team will have ballistic protection and shields if they are aware occupants may be armed. they may use teargas or smoke. the stack will quickly march heel to toe into the premises and quickly make an effort to control the environment. a well trained team is very quick. if they see you with a gun in hand-not even aimed at them-they will kill you. so don't do that.
it's most dangerous when it's just two beat cops trying to serve a warrant or doing a welfare check and no one is responding. their kind of the nervous types. those are the ones you want to be polite but firm about not entering your home without a warrant. if they want a fight, ok they get a fight. my front door is really stout so I'll have time for a weapon.
if your home is in deputy dawg's jurisdiction,and you resist entry, the local sheriff will probably wait you out, or drive a pickup truck thru your living room. use lawyers. more effective than a gun. sheriffs are politicians. get the media on it. they hate looking bad.
but if you want to shoot, by all means shoot. got grenades? go all out because you will in the end be dead or worse.
my personal choice is to blow up the house and everything in and around it. in for a penny in for a pound. If I cannot be secure in my home, then no one will be. not much grey area in that, I know. but, well, shoot. its the end of it and it's only a matter of will.

HMS Defiant said...

As you said at the end. It's simply a matter of will. I wouldn't get into a fight I could not win unless there is nothing left to lose because I cannot win. I realize that normal confrontation with police is a pure lose lose but then they must also realize that sometimes....there is nothing left to lose.

I usually see the stack staging a break in on a place which isn't armed to the teeth.

In the Navy I was instructed to be forehanded. Think about the EOSS and ECC. One essentially memorized the book for dealing with catastrophic casualties in the engine room because there would be zero time to deal with them while trying to read up on the procedures describing the steps to take to deal with them. Also, it used to be very hard to read in the dark.