Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 I have never met any man like me. There was one who lived next door one year but I never really got to know him. My loss for he died. I still remember coming out the back door one day in the sun and he was sitting next door grading papers and he called out cheerily and asked if I was the Curtis writing to Lex on his blog and I said yes and then we knew each other briefly.

It turns out that he too had a book I read and enjoyed in college long ago but not as long ago as the book was written shortly after the Civil War. I'm reading it again late into the night. What are the chances that 2 men would read a hundred and 30 year old book? My copy died in the fire that consumed everything I had but here it is again in a different binding but of nearly the same vintage.

Copyright 1894. The roaring 90's. I lived/live in the place where that era thrived and made a country great. One place was a summer place for the creators of the era and the other place is one of the engines of that creation. If one counts silicon valley, I've lived in them all.

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