Sunday, September 27, 2020


I read this article at I'm looking at blind in one eye these days, I no longer care. I agree in spades with the author of whatever link managed to get posted. I too used to read the Sunday NYT as if it mattered. I no longer bother and haven't for about 14 years. Used to be I would buy one at the book store in Solana Beach, drive to Del Mar and drink coffee at the Stratford for about as long as it took to read the Sunday NYT with endless refills.....then they caught on and more people would come and infest my Sunday reading spot. Darn them. In years of doing it, nobody came out to ask me to move along which is largely why I enjoyed sitting there in the Sunday morning reading a complete paper. Other people liked sitting on a patio in the sun by the Pacific Ocean and breakfasting and drinking coffee. Darn them.


  1. I lived on the West coast of Costa Rica. While I enjoyed those early mornings, much like you but with the three day old remnants of a U S paper that was salvaged from a plane, It always struck me as odd the sun was rising from behind me. Good old Tamarindo were everyone was stoned all day.

  2. yet another day is dawning when I failed to go to bed, I should work on it, but I won't. Except now I'm going downstairs to play with somebody's back which she likes. At least enough to fool me.

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