Monday, September 14, 2020


I wonder at the resilience of the local police forces in places like San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. The law enforcement guys have been doing battle night after night for over 3 months and see every rioter back on the street the very next night committing the same violence and attempted murder because the district attorneys and prosecutors refuse to indict and jail them. So what I wonder, is why?

Every single snowflake would have pulled their groin muscle or bruised a tarsal and taken 5 weeks sick leave and worker's comp rather than keep going back into the line to melee with thugs every single night to little or no purpose. I wonder why they do it.

I read about the two deputy sheriffs that were gunned down in cold blood by some thug in Compton while they were simply sitting in their car. Sad is what it is. It's almost as unimaginable as the police bursting into the wrong house and shooting the owner dead because he thought since they burst into his house late at night that they were thugs doing a home invasion and reacted. The police have slipped the bonds that once welded them to the communities they police. I believe that the police in some places now view all non-police as the dangerous enemy they must fear to death. Their point of view is being returned in spades by the people.

That whole made up BS called qualified immunity means that the police have been getting away with murder for decades and there is nobody that can do anything about it. Even if one is fired in one city he can get another police job in a different city and carry on as he did before. It's not all that uncommon. About the only thing that happens when the police shoot innocent people is that the city might lose some of the taxpayer money to the victim's family. The one that owes the payment isn't the one that pays.

It has earned the notice of a large number of people that this is so and the police nowhere appear to be doing anything to change their lethal habits of getting away with shooting people which is unfortunate because where they once had 99% of the population to cover their backs they've lost a large percentage of the people who are tired of it. It's time to put away the machine guns and stop playing soldier. Merge the SWAT back into routine police duties where they get to encounter the people everyday as people rather than targets.

If the police want to take part in the democracy that is our Republic perhaps they could arrest more of the  civil officials who take bribes routinely and say 'they're just campaign donations' and they could arrest and jail city officials who break the law. Gavin Newsom as mayor of San Francisco was a perfect case in point. He openly broke the laws of the state and the country from the day he took office. Why not arrest him?

The LA cops did themselves no favors when they instigated the stupid madness that made zero sense and pursued a paddle boarder for breaking an illegal law confining him to his home along with every other Californian and when they tried to stop and arrest a jogger on the beach who easily outran the donut fueled cops wearing 30 pounds of tactical gear they really shouldn't have to carry around. That was one of the interesting things about metroparkcentralis that I saw after I got here. 

The cops here wear a gun and cuffs on the belt and that's about it. They don't have every inch of their girth covered with crap they might need if they decide to go all nuts and feed the squirrels or play with electricity. They kept it simple. Life and death. There is no debating whether this guy needs to be hit with a stick, tasered, or shot. Life and death.

Part of the estimate of the situation is, as it should be, 'do I wade into this matter or is it the kind of matter that only the police can deal with and shoot?' Those idiots that gunned down a 12 year old in the park didn't allow themselves to think. They didn't give themselves room and time to think. I think they're probably still police on the Cleveland Police force.

What else doesn't seem to be inclined to quit is the mass invasion by BLM and antifa. The blm at this point are mostly just criminals and looters. They never had a cause but it made a dandy excuse to loot stores, burn them down, smash property, destroy other people's cars, etc. Invade the mall with hundreds of your very best friends and loot it and beat up whites as you find them. Antifa simply built on the anger of blm and turned it into a revolution. As they are now being caught setting fires out in the West I don't think it will be long before the people start to shoot them on sight. In the old days one might have had to have a drop gun available to throw down by the body in order to claim self-defense. Now? Now all you need to do is drop a bic butane lighter by the body and declare it was being used to commit arson and set the forest ablaze.

Going back to the police. I'm surprised that they stay. I remember listening in Encino and Long Beach to real stories from the news about people like firefighters that claimed disability at 34 and were 'medically' retired and making $250,000 a year in disability pay from the taxpayers of LA, Long Beach, et al. It turns out PIs hired by outside groups followed some of these guys and found that, lo and behold! They were not at all disabled. 

I guess the police are made of tougher stuff. We'll see if the people of Portland and Seattle wake up before it's too late and their cities descend into violent crime filled blights on the coast like those in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Central America.

Personally? I doubt it.


Coffee Man said...

Yes.....I agree...

ruralcounsel said...

We tend to get the cops that our population deserves. That is true both locally and nationally. We keep electing politicians who cater to the criminal class and the unproductive class. We coddle criminals right up until we put them in gladiator school (aka prison). Then we let them out early. The number of offenses that has to be on a rap sheet before a judge actually puts someone in prison is mind-numbing. People in prison usually have had dozens of opportunities to straighten up and fly right before the end up behind bars.

Many of the things you point as as being problems with the police are just to-be-expected collateral damage because we don't allow the police to really do their job properly the first time around.

At the rate we're going, only the wealthy and politically-connected will have police protection. Everyone else will be on their own. Which means a lot of crime is going to be punishable with the "shoot, shovel, and shutup" laws. Kind of like Rule 303.

HMS Defiant said...

I got a fireman in Diego Garcia who reported aboard and almost instantly went on report for overstaying liberty on the island. The CHENG asked if I wanted to fight for him and I said no. He then said that the NAC run on him turned up 7 pages of convictions for things like multiple armed robberies in Chicago. He was in my division and on the ship for about 3 days before we booted him back to the states on a fraudulent enlistment because he lied on the forms when he signed up to the Navy. I'm not sure how he made it through boot camp but I'm guessing he went through NTC club Orlando although more likely he was a crime lord at NTC Great Lakes.