Thursday, September 3, 2020


 Why don't the police simply carry crowbars when they go to riots?

Just asking for a friend.


capt fast said...

got trained with the forty two inch riot control baton. hardwood. 2.25 inches in diameter. six sided cross section. unweighted with a retention strap on one end. much more useful than a crowbar. there are techniques that will not leave significant bruising and yet leave a rioter(a mindless drivelling fool incapable of independent thought) laying in the mud whining for mommie.
by any metric, much less of a video faux pas than a crowbar ripping some poor deluded protester's jaw off and leaving them bleeding on the hospital bed.
and crowbars are heavy,

capt fast said...

back in the 1960s and 1970s, SFPD was quite serious about having adequate riot training available for those who would need it in times of social distress. civilian or military. even that long ago, we were all aware of the power and perfidy of the media, television in particular.

HMS Defiant said...

I was called by my counterpart at 3rd fleet asking if we had a few hundred security guys to deal with the rioters affecting shiploading in Olympia. I asked the boss and he said no. We had the manpower but he pointed out that all of our training was to kill and we were not police. We were sort of like Napoleon in that regard. I wonder if the rioters know the difference anymore between us and police. I remember when we screwed up and sent troops to Haiti. We sent Army and Marines. A Marine patrol was shot at by some men on a porch and they instantly blew them away. In their part of Haiti that never happened again. The Army on the other hand got shot at just about everyday. Same ROE on the same op. Different styles of training.

I expect we will see as we gear up for the post election riots.

HMS Defiant said...

ah and that difference between us. I'd take shit from the blm and aftifa for about as long as it takes to read the Riot Act and when they kept with it their lives wouldn't matter to me at all and the ground would be littered with their worthless beat to hell bodies. I'm not worried about leaving a mark on them. I don't care about them.

GLT said...

I was always partial to my shore patrol baton

capt fast said...

in the 1970s we got called out twice for R/C duty. anti war demonstrators and what not. the second time we issued M-16s and bayonets and masks/helmets/bodyarmor as it was a unruly bunch of ruffians involved. the army had four tanks on the way to depot in alabama and they overnighted at our base. of course they got fired up and pulled off the transporters and parked at each gate area. it is surprising to note that someone willing to yank or attempt to yank a baton out of a trained mans hands is somewhat reticent to try the same when facing a rifle with an unsheathed bayonet on it. did not issue ammo. only the countersniper-7.62/51-and OIC-.38spl-were ammoed up. during the training evolution, it became obvious that the females did not have the necessary upper body strength to adequately perform the required movements of the associated bayonet drill. this somehow escaped the notice of the command level staff and we were told to muddle thru somehow. in the end, it turned out that the security element's dogs were more effective at crowd control than a tank.