Friday, September 18, 2020


Anybody who has seen Joe Biden try to articulate a sentence in the last year or two has seen that whatever spark of intelligence he ever had, has fled. He could no more meet Donald Trump, a famous extemporaneous speaker, than he could climb K2. It will not be allowed to happen.

If you look at  how the left typically deals with irrefutable evidence and speakers who know their subject as thoroughly as they know their children's names, you know that they cannot prepare Biden for the onslaught any better than France prepared when facing the blitzkrieg.  They don't really have a choice.

They will pull every fire alarm in the venue here at Case Western and failing that, they will phone in endless bomb threats and hope and wish that the Secret Service will whisk both candidates away. I suspect that Team Trump is prepared for this and several EOD Mobile Units will sweep the venue starting right about now and they will continue to sweep it up until the debate starts and after. The SS will be given their marching orders from the top. NO WE WILL NOT RUN AWAY FROM ANY PHONED IN BOMB THREATS.

The apparatchiks and nomenklatura are desperate. Even if the NY Times has failed to notice that their candidate is brain dead, they have not. They know full well that Biden debating Trump is much like a snowflake in Hell pleading for mercy. As it happens, I doubt President Trump is going to be at all merciful when he and Biden argue the merits of the Presidential vision each holds. They are, after all, diametrically opposed.


Bobo the Hobo said...

Joe’s wife participates in this elder abuse by refusing to pull him out of the race. I don’t know if it’s because she genuinely believes in his ability or some Machiavellian desire to be known as “First Lady” for however short a period of time.

Because she clings to the infinitesimal hope Joe will win, she will watch the further destruction of her husband’s vanity as Trump publicly decimates him and while I would enjoy watching the Democrat’s hopes and dreams go up in flames, I rather doubt Jill would.

HMS Defiant said...

She probably thinks she can do an Edith Wilson but I really hope she is wrong. At any event, by picking Harris, they slit their throats because Harris only played second fiddle to true power and Willy Brown was the power in California for most of the 30 years I lived there. Newsom and that idiot before him were a pale shadow of the true power.