Tuesday, April 21, 2020


I can't attach the video to run here, but it works very well here.

Congressman Crenshaw eats Maher's lunch, and breakfast and goes back for his snacks.


capt fast said...

but then it was billmaher. a grade schooler with a textbook could out fact billmaher, not that congressman crenshaw didn't do an excellent job of roasting his ass. the most entertainment I have had in recent times was congressman crenshaw ripping congresswoman almost occasionally cognizant a new asshole to go with the two she already had; so she now has three. I do hope she gets re-elected again as she is such an entertainment value amongst such a gang of clowns the democrats have in office at the present time. truly a reflection of her constituents in nyc. speaking of which, her constituents are like turkeys in that if they stood outdoors and looked up to see where the raindrops were coming from they would all surely drown. a guy has to have hopes.

capt fast said...

see, I's smarter than aoc as I can sometimes do maths. 1+2=3... I always thought highly of bartenders ability to do accounting and make correct change. now we know why aoc got out of that and went to congress where all a congresscritter need know how to do is spend other peoples money.