Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Obama endorsed Joe Biden for president today. He was fulsome in his praise of the doddering wreck of a man now poised on the cusp of finally winning the Democratic party's nomination for President after beating out a field of mostly nonentities all by himself. Where was Obama then back when his endorsement would have put paid to the financial disaster that was the 24+ idiots who thought they were good presidential timber? Billions of dollars were flushed away trying to unseat the obvious frontrunner by insane wackjobs from the left who dragged the white liberal party so far to the left they'd vote for Stalin before they'd vote for Trump or just sit out the election.

I'm really looking forward to the presidential debates. President Trump will want 4 or 6 and the Democrats will want zero.....for all the good that will do them. Can you imagine the kind of things Biden is going to rave about when he has to speak extemporaneously? Yep, I'm really looking forward to it.

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capt fast said...

democrats go back a long way in our history. pretty much the root cause or our civil war in 1860. a young lawyer name of John Singleton Mosby had a comment in 1855 that summed up the objectives of democrats as a whole, "democrats are held together as a party by their innermost desire to empty the public coffers into their pockets to the detriment of all others." During the civil war, Mosby did fight for the Confederacy and was a strategic thinker by training, survived the battles and practiced law successfully his beloved Virginia until his death. Having read several different takes on the man's life and experiences I consider him to have been an astute person with a excellent ability to assess the character of others. His opinion of democrats is worth noting.