Wednesday, April 15, 2020


From Traditional Vibe:

Yep. Our media is genuinely awful and get nothing about anything right. They really do appear to live in their very own little world surrounded by beautiful people all thinking good thoughts and dreaming about the good old days when they ran the world the way Xi runs China. ie, without tolerating even so much as a peep of dissent.

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capt fast said...

for the most part, I assume the painter is speaking of all media. This is just my observation on the media in general and tv news in particular.
since the days of Edward R Murrow, television news has been a staple of most people's day. most people took tv news as accurate. that was before the networks moved the news bureaus into their entertainment divisions; something Murrow railed about just before he was fired. Most Americans my age remember Walter Cronkite on the evening news as an at least an accurate source of information who always saved his personal commentary until the end of his broadcast and made damn sure the viewer knew it was in fact his opinions at that point.
what I see and hear from the news is the least factual information spewed by the least trustworthy all in effort to garner advertising revenue and support their own personal views of the way the world would work if only they were king.
I believe the artist nailed it.