Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Saw this at Real Clear Investigations.
Ever since a “senior official in the Trump administration” penned an anonymous 2018 New York Times column attacking President Trump as unfit for office, Washington has been engrossed in a high-stakes whodunit. After an exhaustive investigation, the White House believes it’s cracked the case, identifying Trump's turncoat as his former deputy national security adviser, Victoria Coates, according to people familiar with the internal probe.
Rather than fire Coates, the White House has quietly transferred her to the Department of Energy, where she awaits special assignment in Saudi Arabia -- far from the president.
Good. I hope they catch and release the 4 other suspected backstabbers and send them to the Kingdom, maybe Yanbu instead of Riyadh or Jeddah.


Murphy(AZ) said...

Transferring her, whatever the destination, is serious punishment in itself. The Liberal alphabet networks aren't going to give her much facetime to throw a hissy fit if she hasn't been thrown out in the street, of received a serious pay cut because Trump.

Put her in a windowless, unairconditioned office with a plain desk with no drawers, a chair with a permanent squeak and uneven wheels, an old-fashioned typewriter with a worn out ribbon, a phone with a cut cord, and a 1930's era fan that barely works at all. Make sure her paychecks arrive regularly and on time, but without direct deposit.

No secretary or receptionist, no appointments, no distractions; there she can write her tell-all memoirs, if she can find some carbon paper.

capt fast said...

do all that and in saudi arabia to boot. can''t think of any other assignment which would give a liberal serious pause to consider quitting her position at the government trough.

HMS Defiant said...

This is where the senior ranks of the FBI, the Mueller team of lawyers and the senior ranks of the CIA and DNI need to go. They should share a cube office with all the amenities described by and each should be required to retype by hand the complete Moscow Phone directory and send in not less than 1000 names/numbers and addresses per day or they don't get paid.

capt fast said...

that is just cruel. I like it.